New Arrivals At The Sandalwood Room – Some Elegant, Some Quirky


New arrivals

Show me one person not excited by new arrivals but if you really find one, let him or her be. They are probably dealing with something. New arrivals bring new scents, new feel, new hope  and a newness that envelopes you for a while.

Next only to a new-born baby, new arrivals of gadgets and cars excite me most. For days I engage myself exploring them. There are also these new arrivals at The Sandalwood Room, simple but beautiful home decor pieces that make me want them and then I land up buying some, keeping a few for myself and the others reserved for gifting.

Two stunning paper tissue boxes in red and blue

A slotted, elegant tissue box to go with a contemporary room look.

decorative tissue box with zardosi embroidery, the sandalwood room Blue ethnic tissue box

And now for some bar set boxes

Bar set box , the sandalwood room Bar set box embellished with satin within and decorated with wine bottle…

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