Handmade Palm Leaf Creations For Eco Friendly Singapore


Palm Leaf basketry, the Kottans

hand made palm leaf boxes the kottans, the sandalwood room Palm leaf boxes, the Kottans, handmade for multipurpose use

Holiday times are approaching. We are all either going to be travelling or having friends and family visiting. Time to think up of gifting ideas. Gifts that are unique, stylish, pretty and bring a smile to the faces of the gifted.

Around the globe there is an increasing consciousness about using environment friendly products and recycling. It is heartening to note that more people are giving a thought to contributing whatever little they can towards making the earth a better place. The ratio however may seem imbalanced, but we see no way forward other than doing our tiny bit.

I was at a restaurant to grab a quick bite and overheard a group of tourists discussing global warming, garbage dumping issues and the like. No, I wasn’t eavesdropping; the discussions were quite heated and hence loud…

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