Chinese New Year Gifting – Make The Best Of The Red Monkey Year


Hóunián jíxiáng : Good luck for this Monkey year

chinese new year red monkeys the sandalwood room Year of the Red Monkey

What comes to my mind when I think of a monkey is that they are fun, energetic, curious and mischievous. So I guess this Chinese New Year is going to be all of that. Here’s wishing everyone a fabulous Time with family and friends in the year of the Red Monkey from The Sandalwood Room team.

The Sandalwood Room has put together lots of gifts and collectibles to make your family time during the festivities memorable. A small gesture to thank all their customers and usher in good luck for you and themselves.  Step in for the Chinese New Year shopping and avail discounts on selected items.

upto 50 percent off discounts the sandalwood room

Before you go shopping and gifting, a little trivia on why the Chinese New Years are named after animals. Legend has it that Buddha, in his times asked…

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