Of Candles, Lamps And Copper Enhancing ‘Praying’


As a child I used to wonder every time a lamp was being lit before the commencement of any worship or ritual. But I never asked why. People around me made it appear like lighting the lamp was akin to pleasing God.

Have you tried praying or worshipping sans a lit lamp or a candle? I have and it feels kind of bare and disconnected. I have prayed from the seat of a car, in an elevator, in bed and from the washroom even, but it feels different and certainly more satisfying, when I light a lamp in the room of worship and pray. Of course it goes without saying that one can connect to God from wherever and whenever, but ambience does help!

And then one day as I sat watching my mother light oil lamps at worship time, the surge of positivity and energy that emanated from…

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