For you Singapore, The Great Diwali Sale at The Sandalwood Room


Shop at The Sandalwood Room for some stunning gifts this Diwali!

Don’t we all love to get lucky? And sometimes you don’t have to work hard and harder for it. You just have to walk in to The Sandalwood Room! Remember that look of glee on your friend’s face ( you obviously couldn’t see your own ), when you both won a box chocolates at a local fair, as children? We would love to see that on yours now, as you shop at The Sandalwood Room. 

 Singapore folks, festive times have begun and the mood is all set to shop. For all those celebrating Diwali and everything autumnal.

Head to Prinsep Street for your Diwali shopping. The Sandalwood Room is abuzz with goodies for the festival of lights.

  • Pick up stunning home- décor pieces and give your homes a makeover.
  • Shop for gifts and surprise your loved ones.
  • And…

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