Anti-ageing Tips : How To Slow Down Ageing


Show your skin some love

If you are 25 and even an hour older, you need to read this article and start paying attention to skin care. Ageing of the skin takes baby steps and sets in at 25. Wait……no panic yet, but most people are unaware of this skin fact. They wait till the 30s to even start noticing changes in their skin. Having established this research backed fact, I wish to suggest small ways of slowing down ageing in a series of articles on anti-ageing. Very often, we get loaded with far too much information on such topics and tend to miss out or forget some tips. Hence, I am dealing with one important anti-ageing DIY tip in each article. Anti-ageing products and procedures are galore and using them is a personal choice, but there is something in our power even when adopting them that can help make…

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Singapore : Handmade Furniture Sale At The Sandalwood Room For A Unique Look


What is a new year all about without a few additions to life, a few new resolutions, learning a few new skills, stepping ahead to take on new challenges? Dress differently, eat healthy, exercise more, give ourselves and our homes a new makeover.

At The Sandalwood Room , is a selection of some very lovely furniture and home décor accessories to spruce up your homes with, in preparation for Spring.  At prices you would have never dreamt of, the handmade furniture sale at the lifestyle boutique has on offer, exclusive handmade seats and tables and lots more. We will bring you different categories like bookshelves, mirrors, cubbies, table lamps, swings and decorative hangings in the next blog post, hold on!

The Love Seat

love seat indian wood, the sandalwood room Love seat made out of Indian wood

Love seat as it is called, a perfect buy with Valentine’s celebration round the corner. Perhaps an ideal gift for…

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Get Creative With These Home Decor Accessories – Mix n Match


New and different looks is the order of the day. We all (most of us!)want to stand out, make style statements and shine forth uniqueness in almost everything we do. It’s not as easy though – it asks for investments in time and money and aren’t we all rushed and pushed for the two?

Getting a new look with different styles in attire is quite superficial – that’s only a quarter of the battle won. It does not do much to the face which is what draws peoples’ attention and retains it, much after the colour and glamour of the clothes, or jewellery you wear, wears off. Hair can do that magic, for it instantly adds to the beauty of your face and so, rightly termed the ‘crowning glory’. I liken home decor accessories to hair. Just like different hair-dos fetch you different looks every time and add a certain…

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Use Ishika Tableware Differently As Home Decor Pieces


Crockery and tableware is no more just about serving food. It’s about fine taste and your style statement. Just like our persona shines through the apparel we wear and the accessories we carry.

Laying out lovely tableware and dinnerware is also a way of making your guests feel special. Hasn’t your dining experience been enhanced with good dinnerware and crockery? Fine dining is also about what you eat out of, right?

Tableware is being so  elevated today that celebrity chefs and designers across the world are either coming out with their own line or are lending their names to some very exotic ranges. Nigella Lawson, Kylie Kwong and James Oliver work at theirs passionately. Manish Arora back in India has created a stunning range with his trademark bright colours and kitschy look.

The Sandalwood Room in Singapore has always had an eye for all things handmade and exclusive. The Ishika…

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Handmade Dinner Napkins And Table Mats – Add A Vibrant Touch To Your Dining Table


Much ado about dining table etiquette and decoration is sometimes frowned upon by a few, but they do invariably fall in line when their dining experience is enhanced by the pleasantness of it all. Some even have a fetish for dinner table accessories and find it hard to resist shopping for them. This post on dinner napkins is for them and for those that have such inclinations, albeit mild.

The Sandalwood Roomhas some pretty handmade dinner napkins from Anokhi that will enchant your guests. Placing attractive and exclusive table linen when you have guests certainly makes them and the occasion feel special. Take a look at their collection, pick your choice and amaze your guests.

While these irresistible dinner napkins look pretty folded into a simple square, would you like to better them? Click here to check out a few tips and techniques on ways to fold them for…

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Of Earrings And Finger Rings, Limited Edition Handcrafted Jewellery From Sitaram Jewels


Have you noticed how Limited Editions are swished out with much aplomb be it books, apparel, jewellery, furnishings or even alcohol? Coveted and rare, why not? They deserve a special place, their acquisition and possession gives us a high. The Sandalwood Room takes equal pride in displaying handcrafted precious jewellery from Sitaram Jewels at their boutique store in Singapore. Jewellery that is elegant and contemporary, aimed to appeal to  the fashion conscious divas of Singapore.

A pair of exclusive Amethyst hoops style earrings from Sitaram Jewels. Amethyst the protective stone with a sobering and cleansing effect and in the world of gemstones it is known as the seductive stone for its unique colour.

Every piece of jewelry at Sitaram Jewels is unique and one of its kind, hence would qualify for limited edition at all times. In conversation with Lalit Palsani of Sitaram Jewels and Jayashree Mani of The…

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Gemstone Jewellery ‘Colours Of Spring’ Inspired By Singapore


There are times when all you need is a simple piece of jewellery to perk you up. Or add that dash of elegance to your ensemble. Heading out for an appointment and rummaging for a neck-chain that will make a statement? Yeah, sounds familiar to all of us.

Just what you are looking for are on display at The Sandalwood Room. Enchanting and elegant, these handcrafted neck-chains and bracelets have been curated carefully for the fashion-loving Singapore.

The collection is named ‘Colours Of Spring‘ and is in a way an ode to Singapore with its colourful skyline and architecture, but I see this stunning precious gemstone jewellery range as one that can be worn throughout the year. Crafted by Sitaram Jewels in 18k gold, these chains are one of their kind, no two pieces are alike. Perfect for those fashionistas that seek exclusivity with a passion.


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Herbal Aromatic Teas For Wellness And Rejuvenation


I am both a tea addict and a coffee addict. The time of the day or the mood sometimes dictates which addiction I lean towards. For some like me, the veritable wakeup is triggered by an authentic tea traditionally brewed the Indian way. Coffee during work time and green tea at tea-time. There are few that do not relish the two beverages, do you think they are missing out on something in life?

Any writeup on tea is incomplete without a mention of the Indian ‘masala chai’. Dear tourists, if you want to discover India, then travel by road as much as you can and do not forget to drink ‘masala chai’ every now and then. I call it the travel elixir! Ok, so what is masala chai? Its tea leaves brewed to perfection while adding certain aromatic Indian spices and herbs like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, ground cloves and black…

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Sleek And Modern Handmade Jewelry For Singapore


I could go on and on with jewelry quotes, am sure there are as many quotes as all of one’s jewelry put together. I am not even sure which one would number higher!

Chosen carefully, it’s that one piece of an accessory that can make you unique. Jewelry has been a mood lifter on many occasions personally when I have felt luxurious, elegant, rich, sensuous and so much more wearing certain pieces of jewelry. That goes for most of you I guess!

With changing lifestyles, we are forever on a buying spree for clothes and accessories. And when we chance upon handmade jewelry, most of us find it hard to resist the temptation to shop. Even if it means stretching our purses a bit more. For all those fashionistas, The Sandalwood Room presents some exciting jewellery under two brands – the Dusk Jewellery and the Chinoserie Chic range from ICING…

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How To Add Colour To White Interiors


We all know the power of white and Singapore loves white. The country has chosen well. It is the most refreshing colour of the spectrum, evoking purity and a clean look. But more than anything else, it exudes sophistication I think. Its crowning glory however is in its versatility, in being a canvas for the palette of colours. Almost all the metals pair with white in a classy and a classic way.

An interior decorator had this to say “the greatest asset of working with white is the ability to showcase your own personality by adding colour in your upholstery, furniture, furnishings and décor accessories without having to compete with the colour on the walls”. True that. I am coming to ‘adding colour to a white room’ in a bit, but in the meantime, look at this stunning simple European summer look in white-on-white. It took my breath away.

white on white bedroomImage…

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